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The government guidelines on working and studying have been in effect for quite some time now. The general principle is: work and study from home if at all possible, consult with your supervisor if you need to be in the building and follow the rules. If you have questions or concerns about building access or -use, please contact the Faculty's Health & Safety department.

Entrance and exit protocol

The new 1.5 metre regulations apply at all UvA Science locations. At Science Park 904 this means:

  • All students and staff must make use of the main entrance of Science Park 904, with exception of students who are coming in for practical education in Building F or G; they make use of the entrance at those locations.
  • The entrance and exit are separate. There is a revolving door for incoming building users and another revolving door for outgoing building users.
  • You will be received by a facility host upon entry and you must register by scanning your UvA ID card. Upon exiting, you again scan your ID. 
  • Students who wish to study at Science Park can book a study space on the University Library website. Upon arrival at Science Park, they are required to check in with their student ID card and report to the library desk. They then receive a placemat which they can take to their designated study space. Students are only allowed to work in the publicly accessible study areas. 
  • Traffic flows are regulated with signposts. For example, the traffic flows on the large staircase in the hall are separated by a chain, you go up the stairs on the right, and down the stairs on the left. In the rest of the building walking routes and directions are also indicated by means of signposts.

Please make sure you follow the rules when you need to enter the building. This way we can guarantee each other's health and safety as much as possible.

General rules and guidelines 

  • Working and studying from home is the norm
  • The guidelines from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) apply without exception: keep a minimum distance of 1.5m and take care of your personal hygiene. Please note: if you are experiencing a cold, runny nose, sneezing, achy throat, light cough or elevated body temperature, you must stay at home and are not allowed to access the building. This rule also applies when someone in your household experiences likewise symptoms and a fever.
  • If for any reason your circumstances do not allow you to work from home, it is possible – in consultation with your supervisor – to work at Science Park 904
  • If there is absolutely no way to study at home, students are allowed to come to Science Park 904 to study
  • Faculty building staff makes regular rounds to see to ensure a safe environment and see to it that the access rules are adhered to

Additional rules for working in the labs

In addition to the above, the following applies when working in the labs:

  • You need permission from your institute manager in order to work in the lab. This means that the institute manager receives a planning and is informed well in advance on who works in which lab at what time, and the nature of the works being carried out. Based on this information, the institute manager assesses whether safety is ensured and will not grant permission if they judge this is not the case.
  • Normal rules and regulations regarding a safe working environment apply without exception. At least two people should be present in the labs. The Faculty of Science ensures there is enough trained company emergency response staff, including team leaders, available.

Opening hours

  • Science Park 904 Buildings A, B, C, D and E are opened according to theire regular opening hours.
  • Science Park 904 Buildings F and G are open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00. Practicals may scheduled there until 22:00, in which case opening hours will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Science Park 107 is re-opened with limited opening hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00. Consult with institute manager before coming to the office.
  • The Faculty of Science Pavillion is re-opened with limited opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00. Consult with institute manager before coming to the office.
  • Building H and the AUC are closed.

Reservation workingplace

Working from home will remain the norm for some time to come. For on-campus work, priority is given to laboratory work, particularly for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers; to education that cannot take place online (such as practicals); to preparations for online education (such as making video recordings); and to employees who, due to personal circumstances, are unable to work adequately from home.
If you would like to work at the office in the near future, please register your presence in the office reservation system. With this system, we hope to:

  •  improve the predictability of the expected number of people at any given time, both for the individual employee and for faculty management;
  •  facilitate and stimulate a better spread of the office presence over the now extended opening hours (Mon – Fri. 7:00 – 22:00; Sat. 10:00 – 18:00).

 The reservation system is embedded in Datanose and is now available to all employees via (log in with your UvAnetID).
Here are some practical guidelines:
•    Always coordinate your presence with your supervisor. 
•    Reserving a desk in an office is only useful if you can access that office with your staff ID card. While it is possible for employees to grant colleagues access to their office, please contact the secretariat for this.
•    Offices can be booked in four (weekdays) or two (weekends) time slots. Filling in the reservation system should be self-explanatory.
•    All employees are required to use the tool, including those with a single, non-shared office.
•    The number of desks available in shared offices has been adjusted to maintain proper social distance.
Please strictly adhere to the office reservation system. We can only maintain the current way of working if we succeed in working safely according to national and local guidelines regarding social distancing. 


For questions and or concerns about a safe working- and study environment, please contact the Buildings, Health, Safety and Environment (Gebouwen, Arbo en Milieu) staff at: