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From the new academic year, the one and a half meter measure will be released within our buildings. This means that education can again take place on campus, under certain conditions. The normal attendance requirement applies to both employees and students.

The normal attendance requirement for education will apply from September. We understand that as an employee or student you have concerns about health risks if you come into contact with colleagues or other students. If you do not want to or cannot come to campus because of a quarantine obligation, a personal vulnerable situation or because of a vulnerable home situation, you can contact your study program or supervisor to find a solution.

Maximum group size 75 people per room

There is a maximum group size of 75 people per room where educational activities take place, excluding teachers or supervisors. Decided is that all educational activities with fewer than 75 students in one room can take place according to the schedule. All activities with more than 75 students are – in principle – offered in a hybrid manner, with a live stream for some of the students.

In the week of 23 to 27 August, the educational organisation will be further informed about the precise details and consequences of this decision. In the meantime, work is being done on increasing the number of study workstations on campus and on the technical equipment of the lecture halls concerned to facilitate hybrid education. The maximum group size of 75 people also applies to other areas such as the seating in the canteen, common rooms and for promotional meetings.

Exams and maximum group size

From 1 September, a maximum group size of 75 people per room will also apply for exams, as long as 1.5 meters cannot be kept. If 1.5 meters can be kept, the maximum group size will be cancelled. We are now investigating the impact of this on the scheduled exams and will let you know as soon as possible how the exams will take place in practice.

Mouth cap mandatory in hallways

In the buildings, wearing a face mask is again mandatory for both students and employees when moving between education or other activities. During lectures or at the workplace, when everyone has a fixed seat or standing place, the mask can be removed.


With the expiry of the one and a half meter measure, self-testing is even more important. We advise students and employees to take a self-test at least twice a week. The tests can be ordered free of charge via Students and employees with corona-related complaints stay at home and are tested at the GGD.

Ventilation buildings

Sufficient ventilation is possible in all buildings in accordance with the RIVM guidelines. There may be partial recirculation in a room for climate treatment (cold air, for example). For most applications this is safe when used in conjunction with a ventilation system, with fresh air supplied from outside. Where this is not the case, recirculation has been turned off or restricted. This means that a location may become warmer or colder than usual.

In addition, the extra hygiene measures remain in force, such as walking routes, extra cleaning work and disinfection options.

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