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Diversity at the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science aims to be an inclusive community where every person, regardless of race, gender or cultural background, feels welcome and valued. In our policies we strive to stimulate the diversity in our Faculty community. Here, you'll find information on how we do this and the projects that contribute to this goal.

Diversity officer FNWI and sounding board

The Faculty of Science's diversity officer is responsible for highlighting issues, can be consulted by both staff and students and provides the dean with solicited and unsolicited advice on matters concerning diversity at the Faculty of Science.

Would you like to contribute to increasing diversity and inclusivity at the Faculty of Science? And are you motivated to not only discuss these issues, but also to take and support initiatives to this end? Then joining the Diversity sounding board might be for you!

Grassroots Science4all

The Faculty of Science is always looking for ways to stimulate diversity of our faculty population. The grassroots Science4all project financially supports ideas to stimulate inclusiveness or increase diversity. 

Diversity Journal Club

The Diversity Journal Club @ SP is a place and a moment for open dialogues about diversity and inclusion in the context of science in the broadest sense, like how these play out in research and education.

In our policies we strive to stimulate the diversity in our Faculty community. With the input and contributions from the Diversity Sounding Board the Faculty Diversity Office organises activities and facilitates debate aimed at increasing awareness on issues surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Faces of Science Park

Faces of Science Park is an annual event organised by the Faculty Diversity Office of the Faculty of Science. Throughout the day, workshops, lectures, panel discussions and more are organised to discuss the topics diversity, inclusion and equity at our Faculty. 

Women in the Faculty of Science - Student Chapter

Women in the Faculty of Science - Student Chapter (WiF Students) focuses on the interests of female science students at the University of Amsterdam. Women are underrepresented in many studies and academic positions at the Faculty of Science. WiF Students wants to close this gender gap.

WiF Students organizes lectures, brainstorming sessions and other activities. Sign up here for a mailing list to stay informed of future events.

  • WiF Students activities

    Professionals in the 21st century: Multiple perspective thinking

    Researcher Astrid Elburg joined the WiF Students and gave a lecture about 21st century behaviour. Astrid is an expert on organisational behaviour and an honours lecturer at different Dutch universities. She talks about how to be a professional in the 21st century, touching on subjects like democratic values and polarisation. She also gives tips regarding how to untrain anxiety and successfully speak up for ourselves or others.

Diversity and Inclusion policy document

The faculty has published the Diversity and Inclusion policy document setting out the ambitions for the coming years. Promoting diversity and inclusion at the Faculty of Science has had explicit attention for some time, such as striving for a more balanced gender balance. An important aim of this memorandum is therefore to perpetuate previously taken paths and initiatives started by introducing a clear focus.

  • Diversity at the UvA

    The University of Amsterdam wants to be a place where both students and staff feel at home, irrespective of their background. Everyone at the UvA should be given full scope to develop their talents. Both UvA students and staff have expressed a strong desire for increased diversity. In this sense, the appointment of Anne de Graaf as Chief Diversity Officer represents a clean break with the past and an attempt to improve on our past performance.

    Together with the Diversity Officers of the faculties, representatives from the Faculty Student Council tasked with promoting diversity, other colleagues and the student body, Anne will strive to realise an inclusive university dedicated to social justice and characterised by equality, inclusion and diversity. Because every faculty has its own unique identity and issues to tackle, each faculty has been assigned its own Diversity Officer. Together with their community, these persons will establish the diversity policy for their respective faculties.