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Education quality funds

How does the Faculty of Science spend its quality funds on education? With the transition from the basic grant system to the loan system, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) made the so-called ‘Study advance grants’ available to universities. Universities are allowed to use these grants to improve their quality of education. 

The UvA agreements on the expenditure of these grants are stated in the ‘framework Quality Agreements UvA 2019-2024’. Here, we would like to inform you about how the Faculty of Science  implements these agreements. The Faculty of Science selected the following themes:  

  • More time and attention for students  
  • Better preparation for profession/career  
  • Community building  
  • Teacher professionalisation    

Some projects within those themes are highlighted below:    

More lecturers  

The faculty programmes pay a lot of attention to small-scale education. However, a great deal of time and effort is needed from lecturers to make this possible. Therefore, FNWI decided to use the grants for personnel costs to hire lecturers and researchers with increased teaching commitment, which results in more time and attention for students.    

Professional Skills  

After completing your master’s programme, you may go into research or look for a job in the field. To provide better support during your career orientation and development, courses of 1.5 EC have been and are being developed, that focus on professional skills. Examples of modules that are already available are Career Orientation (Explore Your Options) and Project Management and Data Visualization which will be available in the Professional Skills learning trajectory from 2021-2022.    

Beta Break  

Beta break is a Faculty of Science discussion platform where topics like the science behind conspiracies, the future of our plastic and study drugs are discussed on a monthly basis. The team of students who voluntarily organize this is supported in it's activities with the grants.    

Science Park Activities Committee (SPACIE)  

The Science Park Activities Committee (SPACIE) consists of, amongst others, board members of the different study associations. These organizations jointly organize a monthly activity for all students of the faculty. Examples are a comedy night, barista workshop and a band night.    

Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC)  

At the Faculty of Science we want education to be inspiring. Especially during the pandemic, it is important that lecturers pay extra attention to their education. Fortunately, we were able to establish the Teaching and Learning Centre with the help of the study advance grants. TLC is a platform, source of information, and course center for teachers, with a focus on educational innovation and professionalization of the teaching staff. In this way, we make sure that you are challenged to discover new things, achieve your full potential, and feel safe in your learning environment.   

Involving students

The faculty wants you to be involved in the spending of the quality funds and welcomes your initiatives. Do you have an idea for quality improvement of your study or the faculty in general? Please contact your programme committee, the faculty student council or Danielle van Versendaal, policy advisor of the Education Service Centre (ESC).