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Manual Lockers

The lockers in de central hall is to be used for daily storage of your personal belongings. Follow the instructions in this manual.

Users Manual Lockers

  • Please empty your locker daily before 22:00 hours
  • Once a week the lockers will be emptied by security services
  • Your belongings will be available at the reception of this building during two weeks.
  • You can reclaim your belongings by giving an accurate description of them and on presentation of a valid ID.
  • When the contents of a locker are not reclaimed within two weeks they will be handed over to the police


  • Do not use personal data such as date of birth or telephone number.
  • If the lock is not opened or locked within 3 seconds, the electronic system will switch off.
  • Press key (ON) to start over again.
  • Do not apply undue force.


  • Press key (ON). You will hear three ascending sound signals.
  • Start entering the selected 4-digit code within 10 seconds.
  • Any key press causes a sound signal and a green light to flash. (You may enter a different code with each locking operation)
  • Turn the handle in locking position within 3 seconds.
  • The red light flashes. Always check if the door is blocked!


  • Press key (ON). You will hear three ascending sound signals and the green will flash a single time.
  • Start entering the chosen 4-digit code within 10 seconds. (The factory code is 1, 2, 3, 4) Any key press causes a sound signal and the green light to flash.
  • Turn the handle in the right direction within 3 seconds. The lock is now unblocked.


  • If you press a wrong key while entering the code you must wait 10 seconds until you hear the sound signal. You can then press key (ON) and follow the procedure from the start.
  • If you enter a wrong code, the red light will flash and you will hear a sound signal.


  • If you have entered an invalid code for the 4 th time, the keypad will block for 30 seconds. During this period, the red light flashes continuously and you will not be able to enter a code.
  • After 30 seconds the red light switches off and there is a sound signal.
  • Press key (ON) and start entering the right code. If an invalid code is entered again, the keypad will be blocked again for 30 seconds.
  • Do you forget your code? The porter can help you out.