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On 11 February 2021, it’s time for ‘Faces of Science Park: Sense of Belonging in Times of Crisis’. On this day we will discuss the importance of a sense of belonging for both staff and student success. In addition, we will consider the impact of the Corona crisis on the inclusiveness of the Faculty of Science and the university. We welcome all students and staff of the Faculty of Science to listen, think and talk about diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging.

Event details of Faces of Science Park: Sense of Belonging in Times of Crisis (online)
Date 11 February 2021
Time 09:30 -20:30

'Faces of Science Park' is a day full of discussions, workshops, and short presentations, all related to the theme of diversity. After a short word of welcome from prof.dr.Peter van Tienderen, the day  will start with a panel discussion of the BètaBreak. Our Teaching & Learning Center organizes two special workshops on inclusivity. In addition, various diversity clubs of the Faculty of Science present themselves during the virtual information market. To conclude, the film 'Picture a Scientist' will be shown digitally.

A summary of the programme (look here for the full programme):

  • 9.30 – 11.30:  Workshops about diversity and inclusivity (FULL)
  • 12.00 - 12.15: Opening & welcome by faculty dean Peter van Tienderen and diversity officer Machiel Keestra (via this Zoom-link
  • 12.15 - 13.45: BètaBreak | Sense of Belonging (via this Zoom-link
  • 14.00 - 15.00 : Numbers and monitors about diversity (via this Zoom-link
  • 15.00 – 16.00: Virtual information market, organised by various diversity groups and initiatives (via this Zoom-link
  • 16.00 - 17.00:  Diversity Journal Club on 'The Challenge of Belongingness for Disabled, Chronically Ill and Neurodiverse Academics' (via this Zoom-link
  • 16.00 - 18.00: Workshops about diversity and inclusivity (FULL)
  • 18.30 - 20.30: Screening ‘Picture a Scientist’ (via this Zoom-link | Meeting ID: 846 4739 9095) 


Registration for this programme is now closed. 

Information about the workshops 

Workshop 1: Creating Sense of belonging through the concept of Intersectionality (offered by TLC Faculty of Science) 

What is intersectionality and how does it play a role in your workspace? How can we create a better understanding of each other’s perspectives? And use that to create a more inclusive faculty? 

During this workshop you will get familiar with the concept of intersectionality, and through that, with each other. We will explore how intersectionality plays a role in your workspaces, both positive and negatively. Using these examples, we will brainstorm on how to improve a sense of belonging at Science Park. 

Workshop 2: If only I had said something: bystander intervention (offered by TLC Faculty of Science) 

What makes it difficult to intervene when controversial comments are made? And how can you invite yourself to start trying? Especially in situations where you are ‘merely’ the bystander. 

During this workshop we will talk about what kind of controversial issues you might have encountered and how your own thoughts might hold you back from intervening. We will invite you to challenge these thoughts and give you the tools to help you intervene next time

Workshop 3: ‘Sense of Belonging’

How to enhance sense of belonging in your peergroup or community.

The need to belong…

… crucial for your health, both physically and mentally.

… an influencing aspect on work satisfaction for many, and for commitment to work.

… facilitates the enrichment of your personal and professional perspectives.

When we have a clear vision on what belonging means, and what it can evoke in us, the question arises how to trigger belongingness in both ourselves and in our social environment.

So, how do you create a sense of belonging for yourself, and in what way can you facilitate these feelings in others? How do you connect with ‘others’ that you might regard as quite different than yourself? Whom you reciprocally might enrich your perspectives with as long as you truly get in equal contact.. How to establish these forms of contact effectively.. how to include colleagues or fellow-students? Especially in challenging times where online meeting is the new now.

This workshop takes you into social psychological theories around belonging, explores our different senses of belonging, and offers you inspiring examples of enhancement of inclusion and establishing enduring contact.

An interactive workshop of two hours, led by social psychologist Nina Blussé.

Workshop: Social Safety & Inclusivity (Board Training for study associations)

This workshop will focus on inclusivity and sense of belonging within student associations. It will oversee mechanisms of exclusion, unconscious bias and social safety within your association. We will look into the organizational culture, encourage self-reflection of the participants and share experiences of Diversity & Inclusion.

The goal of this workshop is to provide information and practical interventions for student associations to make their association more diverse in which we will also look at social safety in COVID-19 times. By explaining the importance of diversity & inclusion, unconscious bias, and exclusion practices, we will try to engage students in an open and safe dialogue in which our goal is an understanding of the sense of belonging for a diverse student association.


If you need more information about Faces of Science Park, please send an email to