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Getting your diploma

Application Master's Certificate

Master students can apply for their Master's certificate at the Service Desk ESC when all marks of all study components are registered in SIS and the student has a final version of the Personal Education Plan (PEP) which is approved by the Examination Board. Furthermore, the reports of the research projects and literature review have to be uploaded in our database (see Submitting your Master Thesis).

The examination date on the certificate is the date on which a student applied for the certificate. Students must be enrolled for the Master's programme on this date!

Application Master's Certificate

Master Study Plan (Personal Education Plan - PEP)

The Examinations Board will determine the result of the final examination after the student has submitted documented evidence of the components passed. The student is deemed to have passed, if all components of the Personal Education Plan (PEP) have been met and all obligations have been fulfilled, including the payment of the registration fee.

Personal Education Plan - Biological, Biomedical and Life Sciences

Personal Education Plan - Earth Sciences

When terminating your registration the last day of the month in which you request the termination is considered to be the termination date. When choosing your moment of termination of registration please carefully consider: the marks that are still open and the graduation date on your (to be) diploma. The remaining months in the academic year in which you terminate your registration will be refunded.

Grades for courses, research projects and theses can only be registered whilst you are registered at the UvA. The dates that are checked in this process are the examination date (for courses) and/or the data on the grading forms (research project/thesis). Teachers cannot deviate from the examination date set out in the study guide.

Termination of Registration