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Getting your diploma

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  • Application Master's Certificate

    Master students can apply for their Master's certificate at the Service Desk ESC when all marks of all study components are registered in SIS and the student has a final version of the Study Plan Application (SPA) which is approved by the Examinations Board. 

    Please note that the SPA can be sent to the Examinations Board for approval before the final grade has been registered. We advise students to send in their SPA as soon as the final study programme (all courses and projects) is known, but no later than 3 months before the desired graduation date. Once the SPA has been approved and all grades are in, the diploma can be applied for.

    The examination date on the diploma certificate is the date on which a student applied for the certificate. Students must be enrolled for the Master's programme on this date!

  • Master Study Plan (Study Application Plan - SPA)

    The Examinations Board will determine the result of the final examination after the student has submitted documented evidence of the components passed. The student is deemed to have passed, if all components of the Study Plan Application (SPA) have been met and all obligations have been fulfilled, including the payment of the registration fee.

  • Termination of Registration and Tuition Fee refund via Studielink