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Facilities for students with a disability, chronic illness or dyslexia

Special arrangements for students with a disability

If you have a disability, chronic illness or dyslexia, you may qualify for an examination facility. An important condition is that the examination provisions are necessary and that these provisions do not conflict with the learning outcome of the programme.

When do you qualify for an arrangement?

In order to request an arrangement, you will need proof of your disability, chronic illness or dyslexia. The following proof is required:

  • For chronic illness, mobile or sensory disability:
  1. in consultation with the student a statement by a General Practitioner or a specialist stating how your disability affects your studies or
  2. a print of your medical record
  • For psychiatric disorders, for example, AD(H)D, autism: a diagnostic report by a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist
  • For dyslexia and dyscalculia: a report of a health care psychologist, a child and youth psychologist or a general remedial educationalist

Start your request in time

Request a facility at least 6 weeks before you have a test or exam. In case you need specific arrangements during your education, please notify your programme in good time before the start of your studies. If you do not request this in time, the faculty or programme may not be able to realise the facility.

How to apply for an arrangement

Please make an appointment with a student counsellor to start the application for an exam or other arrangement. You can do this either through the referral of a study adviser, or directly yourself. After the appointment, the student counsellor will advice your study programme, on the the basis of your dyslexia report or other supplied statement, about the type of arrangement(s) you need and the duration of the arrangement period.

If you have dyslexia, check out the Dyslexia video. In this case, you don’t need to make an appointment for the arrangement of extra exam time, as uploading your dyslexia report is sufficient. Go to the web page about dyslexia for further information.

Possible arrangements

Examples of exam arrangements

  1. Extra time during exams
  2. Laptop (only with motoric disabilities and after consultation with the study adviser)
  3. Other facilities, depending on the disability and necessity (after consultation with the study advisor)

Examples of other arrangements

  1. Voice recognition software in the University Library
  2. Conversion of books to a pdf file

Examples of financial assistance are 

  1. Compensation in study delay
  2. Study allowance. In some cases, you can apply for a study allowance in the town or city you live in. For Amsterdam, you can find information in Dutch on the I Amsterdam website. This study allowance is meant for students with a disability who are not able to work (at all or full-time).

Accessibility (lecture) rooms

Check the overview of (lecture) rooms that are accessible to students with restricted mobility.

Overview of (lecture) rooms (pdf, 5 p.)

Facilities University Library (UBA) and Library Learning Centre

Facilities for the visually impaired and students with dyslexia in the University Library

Specific provisions for (exam) facilities

In order to provide one or more facilities for you, specific provisions of the faculty/programme apply. Below you can find the links to the procedure of your faculty/programme. Select the link of your faculty and read the information carefully, so you can arrange your provision it in time.

Faculty of Economics and Business

Exam provisions Economics and Business

Faculty of Humanities

Exam provisions Faculty of Humanities

Amsterdam Law School

Exam provisions Amsterdam Law School

Faculty of Medicine (AMC)

Exam provisions Faculty of Medicine (AMC - in Dutch)

Faculty of Science

Exam provisions Faculty of Science

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Exam provisions Child Development and Education

Exam provisions Communication Science

Exam provisions Graduate School of Social Sciences

Exam provisions Psychology

Interdisciplinary study Politics, Psychology, Economics and Law (PPLE)

Exam provisions PPLE