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Emergency Fund

For emergency situations that lead to financial problems, claims may be made to the Emergency Fund. The situation must be acute, incidental, of limited scope, and resolvable. The financial contributions take the form of a gift.

The Emergency Fund is to alleviate emergency situations that:

  • are acute - that is, that a resolution using ‘regular’ means (such as study grants and loans, graduation fund, or special assistance) at the time of the occurrence of the emergency situation is not possible;
  • are incidental - that is, that it is not a repeated, permanent, or structural situation;
  • are of limited scope; the Emergency Fund does not provide support in the form of large sums;
  • resolvable - that is, that the one-off assistance offers a realistic and effective solution

The Emergency Fund is only available to current and prospective students who have a clear study relationship with UvA and to UvA PhD candidates. Assistance may only be offered to students of limited financial means. It is also only available to students who have made sufficient progress in their studies.

Application procedure

To apply for a contribution from the Emergency Fund, students can make an appointment with the student counsellor. The student counsellor will submit the application, together with supporting documentation, to a committee of three fellow student counsellors who will check that the application meets the award criteria and assess whether the application can be honoured. Requests for incidental assistance will be dealt with within one week.

Emergency Fund for special groups

Students from Suriname. Every year, a maximum of five grants of €250 per month are made available to Surinamese students who have problems funding their studies through no fault of their own. The grants are awarded for a period of no more than twelve months. The purpose of these grants is to assist students with their progress, after which there is an increased likelihood that they will be able to claim assistance from private funds. Eligibility depends in part on study progress, the expected graduation date, and other sources of income.