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Financial aid from the University of Amsterdam

Grants and funds

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) offers several grants and funds.

  • Administrative Body Membership Grant

    Some administrative positions (in the board of a study or student association or a representative advisory body) demand so much time that they can cause a delay in completing your studies. It is possible to get additional financial assistance for administrative activities.

  • Amsterdam University Fund

    The Amsterdam University Fund provides support for special academic and student facilities that cannot be covered by government funding alone. Grants may be applied for individual study trips (work placements, exchanges, thesis research, field work), group trips, or projects for students.

  • Erasmus Grant

    Erasmus Grants are awarded to students who go to study or go on a work placement for between three months and an entire academic year at a European partner institute as part of an exchange programme between UvA and the institute.

  • Emergency Fund

    For emergency situations that lead to financial problems for students, claims may be made to the emergency fund. The situation must be acute, incidental, of limited scope, and resolvable.

  • Profiling Fund

    During your studies at the UvA, you may fall behind schedule as a result of exceptional circumstances (illness, family circumstances, disability, pregnancy or parenthood, top-class athletics or An insufficiently feasible degree programme). Through the Profiling Fund, the UvA offers the possibility to apply for financial support.