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Are you a student or PhD and do you have study problems, personal problems, ADHD/ADD or autism? The psychologists of the UvA can offer you counselling like individual counselling, groups, workshops and training courses.

For whom

  • Students and PhDs at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) - without a referral.
  • Students from the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK), Hogere Hotelschool (Hotel Management School) and InHolland - only upon referral from their student counsellor.

When can we help you?

If you have study problems, such as:

  • lack of motivation and concentration
  • procrastination and lack of discipline
  • fear of failure, fear of exams, fear of writing, fear of presentations
  • stress and if you are unduly worried about your study
  • study credit deficit, internship problems, graduation problems

If you have personal problems that are getting in the way of study, for example:

  • family problems, like a difficult relationship with your parents, or absent, divorced, sick or deceased parents
  • problems making or maintaining social contact
  • worrying, general insecurity, a poor self-image, being too hard on yourself with regard to studying
  • light to mild depression and anxiety or stress-related complaints

If you have  study problems because of AD(H)D or autism spectrum disorder

Studying with AD(H)D

If insufficient attention has been paid to your study problems in your current psychotherapy treatment  

We will then look and decide, partly in consultation with the person treating you, if we can help you with that.

When are you better off finding help elsewhere?

If your problems

  • are health problems
  • are serious in nature, or
  • have been present for a longer period of time

In these cases, you are better off going to your family doctor/GP. He or she can look into what the matter is together with you and, where necessary, refer you to the Praktijk Ondersteunend Hulpverlener (Care Worker Supporting the Practice), the Basis/Generalistische GGZ (Basic/General mental healthcare) or the Specialistische GGZ (Specialised mental healthcare). If you do not know how to proceed, the student psychologists can give a brief explanation.

If you are being treated elsewhere and you are dissatisfied with it

You are advised to discuss your dissatisfaction with the person who is treating you or with the person who referred you to this person. That is your family doctor/GP in most cases.

Our groups, training and workshops

Information about our type of help and costs

Registration and contact

Other help

Student doctors Oude Turfmarkt

If you live in Amsterdam, you can register with the general medical practice of the student doctors. You can also contact them in the event of an emergency situation or crisis.

Information about the Student doctors