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Rooms in Amsterdam

In order to ensure that as many rooms as possible are available, the UvA is in constant dialogue with, among others, housing associations and the municipality. New housing is also continually being built.

Finding a room in Amsterdam is often difficult. The demand for student accommodation remains high. Nevertheless, there are many different options.

Start in time

It is generally possible to find something eventually if you start in time and search thoroughly.

In addition, it is important that as many friends and acquaintances as possible know that you are searching. Many students find their accommodation by word of mouth.

It's also important that you realise that you will probably not find your dream room straight away. You will probably not succeed in finding an affordable room in a canalside house in the centre of town. Chances of getting a room slightly further outside the city centre are higher. Don’t set your sights too high, therefore, with your first room.

You can find more information about finding a room and everything it involves in the sub-sections in the menu on the left.

Housing for international students

Each year for international students, the UvA can assist international students in finding accommodation in Amsterdam.

UvA Kameractie: for first-year Bachelor's students 

The UvA Kameractie is a priority scheme for first-year Bachelor's students with a Dutch passport who start at the UvA immediately after VWO. The UvA Kameractie significantly increases your chance of a room in Amsterdam. Follow the link (in Dutch) to read more about participation.

Header image by Hean Prinsloo (Unsplash)

Students during the first day of the academic year
Photo: Monique Kooijmans