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Religious/spiritual associations

Various student associations have a religious or spiritual focus. You can find more information in the list below.


Am.St.E.Lo.D.A.M.E.N.S.E., the Amsterdam branch of CSFR, is a Dutch reformed Christian student organisation in Amsterdam.

GSVA ‘Petrus Plancius’

Gereformeerde Studentenvereniging ‘Petrus Plancius' (GVSA) is a Dutch reformed Christian student organisation in Amsterdam.

HSFN (Hindu Student Forum Netherlands)

Hindoe Studenten Forum Nederland is a student association aimed at Hindu students and has an active branch in Amsterdam.

Ichtus (Evangelical Student Association Amsterdam)

Evangelische Studentenvereniging Ichthus Amsterdam  is Christian student association with a focus on fun, friendship and getting to know God better as a group.

Muslim University Students of Amsterdam (MUSA)

Muslim University Students of Amsterdam (MUSA) is the Islamic student association at the University of Amsterdam.

Navigators Student Association Amsterdam (NS)

Navigators Studentenvereniging Amsterdam is one of the largest Christian student associations in Amsterdam.

Student Meditation

Student Meditation is an association for UvA students and staff that aims to increase the mental well-being and share knowledge about meditation and its benefits. 

Thomas van Aquino Student Association

The Thomas van Aquino student organisation is a meeting place for Catholic students at the University of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.