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List of Dutch Bachelor's programmes

Accountancy and Control

The following programmes normally lead to direct admission to the MSc Accountancy & Control. However, all applications are subject to formal approval of the programme director.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • BSc Economie & Bedrijfseconomie/International Bachelor Economics & Business Economics with major Accounting & Finance
  • BSc Bedrijfskunde/International Business Administration with minor Accountancy & Control

Maastricht University

  • BSc Economics & Business Economics, major Accounting 

Nyenrode University

  • BSc Accountancy 

Radboud University Nijmegen

  • BSc Bedrijfskunde, traject Bedrijfseconomie
  • BSc Economie & Bedrijfseconomie, richting Bedrijfseconomie

University of Groningen

  • BSc Bedrijfskunde, track Accountancy & Controlling

University of Tilburg

  • BSc Bedrijfseconomie with minor Accounting
  • BSc International Business Administration with minor Accounting

VU University Amsterdam

  • BSc Economie en Bedrijfseconomie with specialization Accounting
  • BSc Bedrijfskunde with specialization Accounting