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Accountancy and Control

'All concepts learned during the MSc came together'

Alumna Tanja Langendijk (Netherlands) - Accountancy

'In September 2016, I started working at Deloitte Accountants after writing my MSc thesis there too. Four years of study seemingly did pay off as I am now working for an internationally operating accounting organization! Four years of study which all started at the UvA as the study Economics & Business provides you with a broad starting point four your career from which you can still choose to go anywhere. Shortly after starting in 2012, I was confident to direct my future towards Accountancy and that’s how I ended up in the MSc Accountancy & Control.

Intensive learning curve
Looking back, I feel to have learned as much in one year of MSc as I did during three years of BSc, all because you can finally get into the deep-end of the topics you like most. Working at Deloitte, all concepts learned during the MSc finally come together and you start to see the bigger picture of your studies. Especially now that I am combining work with the Postmaster Accountancy to obtain my Register Accountant (RA) qualification, I also start to appreciate the locations of the UvA, of which I have seen quite a lot…, but all locations have one thing in common: after four days of study you can easily celebrate the weekend in the city center of Amsterdam! What student wouldn’t want that? Although I do not know what the future might bring, I am confident to say that the UvA provides me with a good foundation from which I can and will build further.'

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