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Master Accountancy and Control

One Master's programme, 2 tracks

During the Master's in Accountancy and Control you combine academic insight with practical relevance and a strong international focus.

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How to apply

Help organisations to make strategic decisions

Do you want to facilitate companies in making the right strategic business decisions by making sure all data are taken into account? Our Master's in Accountiancy  & Control prepares you for a career in international finance.

The programme consists of core courses, seminars and a master thesis. The core courses help you get acquainted with a wide range of topics. A number of them is hosted by top corporate representatives, making the connection between theory and practice.

Upon graduation, you will be awarded the title Master of Science (MSc). The degree will grant you access to the Executive Master of Finance and Control programme that leads to the qualification of Certified Controller (Register Controler).

Learn from the experts

Our researchers and lecturers are international experts. And we have a full research programme dedicated to accounting and control. So your education benefits from constant exploration of the field.  You will discuss and reflect on research, and examine the practice of accounting and control through case studies. This way you learn the latest and most advanced techniques, practices and insights.

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Norina Pop

'The programme is organised to our best interest'

Norina Pop: 'The first block provides an insight to the far extremes of accountancy and control. This helps you in deciding which track to choose. Also, the deadlines may at times be annoying, but in the end they support us very well to go through the process of writing a thesis.' Read Norina's full review 

Interactive teaching

Expect a variety of teaching methods such as case studies, group presentations, exercises and individual work. We strongly encourage interaction and require active participation. Supporting you actively in developing a questioning attitude.

During seminars you are expected to write and present papers on real-life business cases, present aspects of the literature and discuss ideas with fellow students.

The programme

  • Choose your track

    Our Master's in Accountancy & Control consists of a general part for all students and a specific part where you follow courses related to the specialisation track of your choice. After the joint first period, you can choose the track that suits you best:

    • Accountancy
      Choose this track if you seek a career in a financial function, as an auditor or a financial professional in business or in not-for-profit organisations.
    • Control
      Choose this track if you seek a career in enabling financial information and decision-making in the management of organisations as a controller or financial professional in business or the public sector.
  • International Financial Reporting Standards 1

    During this course you will develop advanced skills in understanding, applying and interpreting International Financial Reporting Standards. 

    We will use company examples from different industries to demonstrate accounting practices. After the course you will be able to implement the most frequently used accounting standards. 

  • Management Control

    With this course you get a comprehensive overview of the instruments which you can use to align the interests of employees with their organisation. We will for instance ook at the use of performance measurement, incentive compensation, target setting and the role of subjectivity.

  • Research Seminar Accountancy and Control

    In this course you learn to critically evaluate empirical research methodologies and to develop your own research proposal for an empirical study in the field of accounting, accountability and control. 

  • Sustainability, Accountability and Ethics

    In this course you will explore social, political and organisational perspectives on sustainability, social and environmental accounting/accountability and ethics. As this is a Master's course students are required to take a lead role in presenting the seminars and critiquing the research papers examined.

  • Accounting Information Systems

    Accounting information systems collect, record, store and process data to produce information for decision makers. Since these systems use standardised approaches to organisational processes, tensions arise when they are implemented. This course will discuss these tensions, explain how they arise and discuss possible solutions.

  • Internal Control & Risk Management

    Organisations need reliable information. That is why they implement risk and compliance management systems. An international standard approach to risk management and control is the guidance provided by the set of COSO frameworks.

    We will discuss how these frameworks work and how they are constructed to impact the scope, the relevance and the design of internal control systems.

  • Your thesis

    The Master’s thesis is the final requirement for your graduation. It is your chance to dive deep into a topic that you are enthusiastic about. A professor in your field of choice (track) will supervise and support you in writing your thesis.

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