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Business Administration, Entrepreneurship & Management in the Creative Industries track. Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam.

'I was introduced to actual and relevant theories I still use today'

Joshua Picauly - Entrepreneurship & Management in the Creative Industries

'I work at Talpa Media, the creator of several famous TV formats like The Voice and Dance, Dance, Dance. As a senior strategist, I focus on the positioning and marketing of new formats for the international market as well as optimising the creation, production, distribution and monetisation process of the developed content.'

'In my early twenties, companies such as Facebook, Netflix & YouTube were all rapidly growing while legacy media such as RTL and Disney were slowly adapting to the new horizons that technology created. I realised that the dynamically evolving Creative Industries would be an interesting place to work.'

'That is why I chose the EMCI track, which is the only MSc programme in Europe that focuses on the Creative Industries from a business economics perspective. On top of that, I am personally interested in the arts and pop-culture, which makes working in the Creative Industries much more fun.'

'In my current position at Talpa Media I am actively implementing things I learned from the EMCI programme, for instance "blockbuster theory" by Anita Elberse. It is funny that her book was on my desk the first day I arrived at work, but I had already read most of it during my Master's. For me this proves that the professors prepared me well for my future career by introducing me to actual and relevant theories.'

'Fail Fast, Fail Cheap is the paradigm of start-ups and I think graduates can learn from this. Now is the time to experiment and find out what you want to do later in your career. My advice would be to find a job that offers the opportunity to experiment with different roles. After graduating, I worked for a small agency creating strategies for companies such as ABN AMRO, Nike, and Exact.'

'Through a series of assignments, I learned what I liked, what I am good at and also what I don’t like and what I am not good at. It helped me to move back to my original path of working in the media and I am very grateful for these lessons.'