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Business Administration (MSc)

Applicants from another Dutch faculty/university

Please read all requirements carefully. In the online application you will be asked to upload proof of all mentioned requirements.

1. Academic Bachelor's degree

Required Bachelor's education applicants need in order to be eligible for admission: 

  • All applicants holding an academic Bachelor's degree in (International) Business Administration from a Dutch university or one of these other Bachelor's degrees are eligible to apply for admission to the Master's programme.
  • Students with other Dutch academic degrees might be eligible for admission if they have obtained relevant Quantitative and Business courses. The Bachelor’s curriculum must include:

    15 EC in Academic Research with a minimum of 10 EC on Quantitative research oriented courses and a minimum of 15 EC on Business courses in at least two of the following fields: Strategy, International Management, Organization, Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship or Organisational Psychology (intermediate/advanced level).

Students from other UvA faculties

  • BSc in Bèta-gamma or Future Planet Studies (UvA) with a major in Business Administration (UvA)
  • BSc of PPLE with the Major E&B, provided that the EB-course “Strategy and Organisation” (third-year course of BSc Economics and Business with course code 6012B0257Y) has been completed.

These students have direct admission to our MSc in Business Administration without any further conditions such as a minimum GPA or GMAT. Find all enrolment information on the 'Applicants from Economics and Business' page.

Pre-Master's students from another Dutch university

Limited places are available for pre-Master's students Business Administration from other Dutch universities (for example RSM, VU or RUG), and therefore a selection procedure is in place. You can only apply if you will complete all of the courses of the pre-Master's programme and have obtained a minimum GPA of 7.5.  The Admissions Board will carefully review all of the applications shortly after the application deadline.

Students from the Breda University of Applied Sciences Strategic Business Management and Marketing programme

If this group of students from the Breda University of Applied Sciences have finished their academic minor as part of their final curriculum and diploma, they have direct admission to our MSc in Business Administration without any further conditions such as a minimum GPA or GMAT.

Not eligible to apply 

Applicants who do not meet the above-mentioned requirements are not eligible to apply for the MSc in Business Administration, they might be eligible for the  pre-Master's programme Business Administration.

2. Grade Point Average (GPA)

 All students applying are required to obtain either a:

  • GPA of at least a 7.0

Your GPA should be calculated over:

  • all bachelor degree results (year 1-3), any additional Bachelor’s courses have to be included as well.
  • If you have a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s degree you need a GPA of at least 7.0 in the Bachelor’s or the Master’s.

Send your GPA calculation along with your application, you do not have to update your GPA calculation after 1 June. The best students will be selected after the application at most 2 weeks after the application deadline of 1 June.

3. Motivation and initiative

Applicants are expected to have the intrinsic motivation to test and build upon this knowledge. Coursework is designed in keeping with this expectation and demands significant personal initiative and an active contribution on the part of the student. Applicants are asked to upload a motivation letter in their online application.