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Study programme

The Master Entrepreneurship offers you the opportunity to become more entrepreneurial. We do this by offering you practically relevant knowledge, and boosting your entrepreneurial skills, and attitude.

Joint programme

The UvA and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) have combined their expertise to create an internationally relevant Master’s programme. Professionals from both universities and their individual business networks have been selected to participate. So you will learn from the best of the best.

Become more entrepreneurial

How do business ideas come to life? And how do you further develop, validate, and finance them? Inspiring lecturers will engage you in all aspects of bringing to life new business ideas. Helping you to create value for either an existing company or your own. And for society at large.

During the programme you take a thorough look at new ventures, as well as entrepreneurial activities within existing organisations (both start-ups, scale-ups, and corporate organisations).

Solve real-life business cases

Connect with the business world

In most courses inspiring guest speakers talk about their challenges in setting up or running a business. It's not uncommon that they are looking for talent. So go ahead and connect with them.

Also our own internationally recognised researchers introduce you to the latest techniques and theories. Providing you the up-to-date tools and skills to take with you in your first job or business.

Education in the 1st semester of 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 academic year will start as scheduled in September.

Multidisciplinary learning

You will learn about developing, validating, and financing new ventures and activities. Also you will explore the managerial, collaborative and social aspects related to assessing and bringing to life new business ideas. All this theory comes to practice when you: 

  • solve real-life challenges;
  • explore and validate your own business idea;
  • choose an internship and gain relevant experience.

Interactive teaching

At the UvA you will enjoy mastering knowledge at the highest level through our blended learning teaching method. We offer both offline and online education such as Web and Tablet Assisted Video Lecture. This frees up class time for interaction with the lecturer and peers.

Assignments can be in traditional form such as a paper or a Powerpoint but also a video recording or a peer-feedback assignment.

The UvA Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching continuously works on improving our teaching methods with regards to interactions between students, teachers and learning resources.

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Professors in the programme have multidisciplinary backgrounds. This allows you to think critically from multiple perspectives. João Dutra

The programme

  • The Entrepreneurial Individual

    This course deals with different aspects of the entrepreneurial individual. Topics: Entrepreneurial Personality, Motives, Competencies, Cognitive biases, Learning and failure in the entrepreneurship process.

  • The Entrepreneurial Venture

    This course deals with the development of the entrepreneurial venture during its lifecycle. Topics: New venture creation, From startup to scale-up, Further development along the lifecycle of the firm.

  • The Startup Project

    In this course you will acquire knowledge and understanding of the methods and tools from Design Thinking and Lean Startup. By applying these methodologies and (digital) validation tools you will develop and validate an innovative business idea.

    The winner is...
    Students winning the Startup Project Pitch finals with their idea 'Eventpay': a mobile payment system for events and festivals. Learn also how to develop and validate price-winning ideas

  • Entrepreneurial Finance

    This course provides an in-depth knowledge base of the financial issues involved in turning business opportunities into action.

  • Venture Challenge

    During the Venture Challenge your team will solve a real-life entrepreneurial challenge for a startup, scale-up or (corporate) incubator. You will come up with recommendations and an implementation plan by conducting research in close collaboration/consultation with the venture.

  • Specialisation courses

    Tailor the programme to your interests and choose 3 electives out of a wide selection of specialties.

    • Creative Entrepreneurship
    • Entrepreneurship in Science & Technology
    • Corporate Entrepreneurship
    • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Elective courses
    • Entrepreneurial Internship
    • Corporate Venturing
    • Entrepreneurship and Business in China
    • Managing Creativity
    • Behavioural Strategy
    • Cross Cultural Management
    • Enterprising Skills
    • Real Estate Management
  • Thesis

    Enthusiastic about a new development or idea? With your Master's thesis you have the chance to explore it fully. While simultaneously training your ability to independently conduct relevant research.

    Your thesis is the final requirement to be completed prior to graduation. It’s also possible to combine your thesis with an internship.