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Finance: Asset Management (track)

Affiliated institutes

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Amsterdam Centre for Research In International Finance

CIFRA is established in 1998 functions within the international network of top research centres in finance. CIFRA promotes the exchange and development of new ideas and methodologies in financial economics. Currently CIFRA’s main themes are International Financial Integration and Corporate Finance and Banking. CIFRA performs an active role in the organisation of international workshops, supports PhD students’ research, maintains an active visitor programme and promotes an open flow of communication between policymakers, financial sector practitioners and academics.

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Amsterdam School of Real Estate

The Amsterdam School of Real Estate, established in 1989, is a joint initiative of real estate industry organizations, national government and the University of Amsterdam. The core objective is to gather, bring together centrally and make available national and international knowledge in the field of real estate. Real estate studies are a specialist discipline, covering the development, financing and operation of real estate. Thanks to the involvement of both the university and industry, the Amsterdam School of Real Estate fulfils an important bridging role between academic scholarship and industry practice.

The following organizations participate in the Amsterdam School of Real Estate:

  • University of Amsterdam (UvA)
  • Association of Dutch Property Developers (NEPROM)
  • Netherlands Association of Real Estate Brokers and Immovable Property Experts (NVM)
  • Association of Institutional property investors in The Netherlands (IVBN)
  • Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM)

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Tinbergen Institute

The Tinbergen Institute is a collaborative institute of economic research between the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, the Universiteit van Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The institute includes the Tinbergen Research Institute and the Tinbergen Graduate School. More than 100 research fellows and approx. 170 M.Phil and PhD students participate in the institute’s research programme and educational programme. International researchers visit the Tinbergen Institute to give seminars and workshops, or to meet the research fellows of the institute.

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Amsterdam Institute for Arbeids Studies

The Amsterdam Institute for Arbeids Studies, AIAS, is an international interdisciplinary University institute where academics in the areas of labour economics, labour relations, labour law, labour and health, psychology and organisational sociology can combine their expertise. AIAS is active in both education and research. The Business School and AIAS are co-operating in the development and implementation of a MSc in Human Resource Management.

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Amsterdam Centre for Law & Economics

Amsterdam Centre for Law & Economics (ACLE) is a joint initiative of the economics and law faculties of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Its objective is to promote high-quality research at the interface of law and economics. It combines the research expertise of some twenty scholars in both disciplines, ranging from full professor to PhD students. The Centre’s main focus areas are: Competition and Regulation, Corporate Governance and Law and Foundations of Law and Economics.

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The Amsterdam Centre for Corporate Finance

The Amsterdam Centre for Corporate Finance (ACCF) is a think tank specialising in the financial management of corporations and the operations of the financial sector. The ACCF promotes high quality research at the interface between financial theory and corporate policy. The ACCF is supported by major financial and industrial corporations and affiliated with the Business School.

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Finance Group

The staff members of the MSc are members of the Finance Group within the department of Business Studies of the Faculty of Economics and Business. For more information please refer to the website of the Finance Group.

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Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE), as part of the University of Amsterdam Faculty of Economics and Business, provides a forum for dialogue and networking between internationally high standing academics and (governmental) policy makers, entrepreneurs, corporate managers and investors, who are influential in the Netherlands. Thus, ACE aims at bridging the gap between academia and practice. In all, the ambition of ACE to influence the entrepreneurship climate in the Netherlands by

1) Shaping the research agenda and communicating its output to policy makers. ACE is the gateway to academic research about entrepreneurship.

2) Promoting relevant high quality entrepreneurship research by ‘translating’ and applying
existing research and by engaging in new research projects.

3) Promoting entrepreneurship amongst students through contacts with ACE’s network.

4) Dissolving existing boundaries and act as a platform, by bringing together governmental leaders, (student) entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investors and academics leading to creative and stimulating discussions.

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