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Finance: Banking and Regulation (track)

Study associations and student organisations

You’ll never be short of support or things to do when you study at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Many associations and organisations arrange activities, trips and events, a brief summary of which is included below.

International Student Network Amsterdam (ISN)

The ISN is an organisation run by for international students studying in Amsterdam. Its goal is to optimise the social-cultural integration of international students in Dutch society. The ISN organises activities, provides information on housing and work, runs a coach system and publishes a magazine covering the ins and outs of (student) life in Amsterdam. At the beginning of the academic year the ISN holds an introduction period, which is a great opportunity to get to know fellow international students, Dutch students and the city of Amsterdam.

ISN website

Students interview Ratan Tata in the weekly economic discussion platform 'Room for Discussion', organised by the Study association for Economics and Business Sefa.

Study association at the Amsterdam Business School

There are a number of student clubs and organisations at the ABS, such as Sefa, FSA an MAA. Some of these organisations, such as Sefa, organise international study trips. Others arrange domestic study trips, company visits, career weeks, conferences, seminars, skills training, internships and so on. For more details on the various student organisations’ scope of activities, refer to the links below.

Study Association for Economics and Business (Sefa)

Financial Study Association Amsterdam (FSA)

Marketing Association Amsterdam (MAA)