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Student review

Roxanne Schultz

'Lecturers are both academics and corporate executives'

Roxanne Schultz - Finance and Real Estate Finance combination track

'I decided to stay at the UvA and do the Master's programme in Finance because it offered me the opportunity to do a double specialisation in Finance and Real Estate Finance. During my Bachelor’s programme I only had an introductory course in real estate and I felt there was so much more to learn about it. By doing the dual track I feel that I have the full package.'

'What I like most about this programme is its international environment. Many students have different cultural and educational backgrounds, which can lead to interesting discussions and help you to see things from another perspective. In the Real Estate Finance track, lecturers are not only academics but also corporate executives, which gives you the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience during your Master’s study.The Real Estate Finance track consists solely of mandatory courses, while the Finance track includes many elective courses. This allows you to specialise yourself in subjects that really interest you.'

'The dual track normally takes 1.5 years. However, I decided to do it in 2 years and gain some working experience by doing an internship in between. During my internship I found that the courses in the Real Estate Finance track are really useful and prepare you well for working in the field of real estate finance.'