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Amsterdam Executive Programme in Actuarial Science (AEMAS) alumnus Linda Vos, has been chosen as Actuarial Talent of the Year for 2019. She was announced as the winner of this title by the Actuarial Podium on Actuary Day, 26 September 2019.

Linda Vos
From L to R: Lisa Priem (on behalf of Stephan van Stalborch), winner Linda Vos, and Timo van der Veen

Vos impressed the public with the personal nature of her presentation. Her work is often closely related to social issues, giving it a high degree of relevance for society. For example, Vos spent two-and-a-half-year working on a forecasting model for the effectiveness of various medicines neurologist prescribed to MS patients in Switzerland. Her research turned out to be a breakthrough in the healthcare sector.

Professional activities

The alumnus completed the AEMAS in 2014 and became an Actuarial Association actuary. Since starting her career at PwC in 2012, she has been occupied with a wide range of activities in practising her profession, both in the insurance sector and outside of this industry.

The other nominees were alumni Stephan van Stalborch (2015) and Timo van der Veen (2016). 

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