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Amsterdam People Analytics Centre

The Amsterdam People Analytics Centre (APAC) helps facilitate partnerships between industry and academia in the area of people analytics. People analytics is a data-driven approach to people management, focused on systematically identifying and quantifying people drivers of important business outcomes.

Helping people and organisations succeed

People analytics helps to answer people related business questions using predictive models that relate people indicators (such as engagement, HR, or fit) to a variety of data sources collected and stored in organisations. Using such models, we can advance evidence-based decision making in organisations, aimed at helping people and organisations succeed. The centre's aim is to promote high-quality applied scientific research in the field of people analytics at the interface of theory and practice.

Our expertise

People analytics combines different disciplines, such as Human Resource Management (HRM), Organisational Behaviour, Management, statistics, and data science. Our members are grounded both in the fields of (Human Resource) Management and Organisational Behaviour, and have specific expertise in research methods. Topics we cover include talent retention, turnover, learning analytics, person-organization fit, strategic HRM, management practices, leadership, and applicant selection. We have experience with a broad range of approaches to people analytics, including combining and analysing different data sources collected at and/or stored in organisations using a variety of advanced analytic techniques, such as longitudinal analyses, trend analyses, clustering, and text mining.

Research and outreach

Business collaborations

Amsterdam People Analytics Centre offers collaboration opportunities on a broad range of topics related to people analytics, in order to investigate issues which are relevant to practitioners and add to the body of knowledge on HRM and Organisational Behaviour. Organisations can approach us for collaborative projects aimed at improving people related decision making in general or answering specific people related questions.

We offer different forms of collaborations with organisations, you will have the opportunity to collaborate on one or more areas.

Research: Do you have a business question and available data (or opportunities for data collection)? We can collaborate on a research project, where we analyse existing and possibly newly collected data and provide you with actionable insights.

Teaching: In our courses, we collaborate with companies in offering our students real life cases, and through guest lectures. The courses we currently teach are:

Internships and thesis projects: If you have data available, and a question which is not too broad? Our thesis students could do research in your organization and write their thesis on this.

If you would like to know more about these opportunities, please contact us at