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In numerous European cities, a variety of protest movements have been taking to the streets, using the urban arena to contest economic, social and political precarity. How can we understand such new forms of urban mobilization in a comparative perspective? And what do they mean for city administrations, for civil society groups, for urban citizens themselves, all of whom are becoming new political subjects? This two-day conference will examine the changing nature of urban politics in and at the southern borders of Europe. Its focus will lie on new forms of urban mobilization and on new urban mobilities, asking how these are transforming the nature of European politics today.

Detail Summary
Start date 18 December 2019
End date 20 December 2019
Time 20:00
Location Allard Pierson Museum
Room Nina van Leerzaal
Allard Pierson Museum

Room Nina van Leerzaal

Oude Turfmarkt 127-129
1012 GC Amsterdam

Adopting a comparative approach, the conference will bring together scholars from a range of disciplines, ranging from area studies, anthropology and geography to political science, legal studies and urban planning. Along with academic presentations and one public keynote address, the conference will also feature a public workshop with urban artists, activists and practitioners, highlighting some of the ways in which the boundaries of the political are being reconfigured in today’s cities.

The academic presentations will be structured around 4 thematic panels:

1. New urban politics, new urban publics

2. Gendering the city: new geographies of embodied difference

3. Neoliberalizing the city: the new geographies of dispossession

4. Divided cities: new mobilities, new exclusions


The invited keynote address will feature Prof. dr. Ayse Caglar, Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna.


Wednesday 18 December 20:00-21:30 - Spui25 Academic Cultural Centre

 'Mobilities in the European ‘Fearless’ Cities 2'


Program Thursday 19 December -  Allard Pierson Nina van Leerzaal

9:30 Registration & Welcome from ACES and ACMES directors; introduction to the conference

10:00- 12:00 Panel I: New Urban Politics, New Urban Publics

  • Judith Naeff (Leiden University): Taste of Cement: A corporeal film essay on urban destruction and reconstruction
  • Dimitris Soudias (Philipps Universität Marburg): Towards an Alter-Neoliberal Critique: Resistance in Athens between Emancipation and Unwitting Reproduction
  • Elisa Fiore (Radboud University Nijmegen): Gendered Islamophobia and Urban Regeneration: The Material-Aesthetic Dimension of Fear in Rome’s “Banglatown” and Amsterdam’s Indische Buurt
  • Discussant: Robbert Woltering (UvA)

12 :00-13 :00 Lunch

13 :00-15 :00 Panel II: Gendering the City: New Geographies of Embodied Difference

  • Sabrina Stallone (UvA and University of Bern): Building Gendered Futures: Rawabi and Urban Palestinian-ness
  • Anna Secor (Durham) Anxious encounters with difference in urban Turkey
  • Hanna L. Muehlenhoff (UvA): (In)visible in the city: The LGBTQ movement in Turkey after Gezi
  • Discussant : Maaike Voorhoeve (UvA)

15 :00-15 :30 Coffee catered at the Museum Café

15 :30-17 :00 Keynote Address: Prof. Dr. Ayse Caglar (Vienna) titled 'Migrants, cities and contentious politics'

17 :00-17 :30 Presentation of ACMES Thesis Prize

17 :30 Drinks reception catered at the Museum Café

18 :30 Dinner for conference participants


Program Friday 20 December - Allard Pierson Nina van Leerzaal

10 :00- 12 :00 Panel III: Divided Cities : New Mobilities, New Exclusions

  • Cristiana Strava (Leiden University) Moroccan Megaprojects and the Making of New Social Geographies
  • Deniz Yonucu (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München): Counterinsurgency in the City: Racialization of Alevis and Incitement of Counter-Violence
  • Himmat Zoubi (EUME programme Berlin) Between 'Parallel Time' and Parallel Space: The Scene and the Unseen of Palestinian Cultural Spaces in Haifa
  • Discussant : Natalie Welfens (UvA)

12 :00-13 :00 Lunch

13 :00-15 :00 Panel IV: Neo-liberalizing the City : New Geographies of Dispossession

  • Nermin el Sherif (UvA): The city of “the good old days”: In search of better times, and “proper” images over Egyptian Social Media post 2011
  • Stefano Portelli (University of Leicester): Verticalizing a horizontal neighborhood: the displaced community of Bon Pastor in the contemporary Catalan crisis
  • Emel Akcali (Swansea): Urban transformation in Istanbul and Budapest: Neoliberal governmentality in the EU's semi-periphery and its limits
  • Discussant : Yannis Kallianos (VU)

15 :00-15 :30 Closing words and coffee



  1. Dr. Maaike Voorhoeve (Department of Arabic Languages and Cultures/ACMES)
  2. Dr. Hanna Muehlenhoff (Department of European Studies/ACES)
  3. Prof. Luiza Bialasiewicz (Department of European Studies/ACES) Co-organized by the Amsterdam Cen