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Andrew Roberts will defend his PhD thesis in the Agnietenkapel on 2 Devcember 2019, 4 pm | Supervsior: Beate Roessler | Republicans have traditionally viewed the private realm with a degree of suspicion. The right to privacy might be claimed by individuals to evade their civic responsibilities. This  thesis explains why republicans ought to value individual privacy.

Detail Summary
Date 2 December 2019
Time 16:00

The core value in contemporary republican thinking is a particular conception of freedom - the absence of domination. Privacy serves the ideal of freedom in two broad ways. It shields those who have it from domination by others. But it is also essential to what republicans consider the most effective means of securing conditions of freedom - a participatory form of self-government. Republicans take the view that the citizens of a political community can only be assured of conditions of freedom by participating in the political processes that generate the laws that regulate their lives. The thesis explains why privacy is essential to effective political participation.