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Critical Cultural Theory–Seminar presents Katia Hay Rodgers (UvA). She will give a 10-15 min introduction to the paper – which has been distributed in advance- and this will be followed by a discussion. The seminar will be open to the public. Location: Faculteitskamer, Oude Turfmarkt 147 (entrance through Oude Turfmarkt 141).

Detail Summary
Date 18 December 2019
Time 14:00 - 16:00

This paper discusses the role of laughter in Nietzsche’s and Friedrich Schlegel’s philosophies. It addresses this topic by reference to Kant, showing how both authors respond to and challenge Kant’s (but not only Kant’s) ‘prejudice’ (as Nietzsche calls it in his ‘Gay Science’) against laughter and joy. The main question being: in what ways are their responses similar and where do they differ? In order to address this question I pay special attention to the way in which they incorporate ‘laughter’ in their writings.

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