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ASCA Political Ecologies Seminar | October 29th | Public Talk and Masterclass with Amanda Boetzkes | Masterclass: 10-12pm (in person) Public Talk: 3-5pm (hybrid) | Hosted by Joost de Bloois, Jeff Diamanti, and Maithri Maithri | To sign up, message

Event details of Ecologicity, A Thriving Negation of Negation
Date 29 October 2021

This lecture and seminar will consider a primary form of ecology, the feedback loop, in its collision with decolonial aesthetics in contemporary art and literature. This collision, I argue, is the origin of what I am calling art’s ecologicity, a notion that captures the complexity of collective organization and their political meta-negation of being.  I distinguish ecologicity from a standard formulation of ecology—the recursions of information that define environmental, social, and cybernetic systems—by positioning it as a thriving of paradoxical forms of excess and that resists those very systems. Ecologicity challenges the regime of plasticity in its refusal of an abstract common ground by which to make political claims for land, lives, defendability and grievability. I therefore address how forms of political struggle are nested in environmental mediation and the production of planetary perspectives. 

Bio: Amanda Boetzkes is Professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory at the University of Guelph, Canada. She will be a fellow at Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Cultures of Research” at RWHK University of Aachen from 2021-22. Her writing examines the politics, aesthetics, and ecologies of contemporary art through the lens of human waste, energy consumption and expenditure, and most recently, climate crisis and glacier melt in the circumpolar north. She is the author of Plastic Capitalism: Contemporary Art and the Drive to Waste (2019) and The Ethics of Earth Art (2010). She is co-editor of Heidegger and the Work of Art History (2014) and a forthcoming volume on Art’s Realism in the Post-Truth Era (2023). She has published in the journals South Atlantic Quarterly, e-flux, Postmodern Culture, and Afterimage, among others.

Recent book chapters appear in Nervous Systems: Art, Systems, and Politics Since the 1960s (2021), Climate Realism: The Aesthetics of Weather and Atmosphere in the Anthropocene (2020); The Edinburgh Companion for Animal Studies (2018); and Art in the Anthropocene: Encounters among Politics, Aesthetics, Environments, and Epistemologies (2015).

Masterclass readings:

Achille Mbembe, “Necropolitics,” Public Culture 15.1 (2003): 11- 40., Rethinking the Apocalypse: An Indigenous Anti-Futurist Manifesto (November 16, 2020)., Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex (2014):

“Metaphysical Anarchy and Political Anarchy,” Interview with Catherine Malabou, Acid Horizon,


“Aesthetic Action, Planetary Praxis,” Nervous Systems: Art, Systems, and Politics Since the 1960s. Eds. Tim Stott and Johanna Gosse, (Durham: Duke University Press, 2021).