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A multidisciplinary research team coordinated by Prof. Maarten van Bommel (UvA) has been awarded a NWO-TTW grant to develop a 'Toolbox for studying the Chemistry Of Light-induced Degradation'. The so-called 'TooCOLD' project will provide new insights to protect works of art, to improve water purification systems and to ensure the quality and safety of food.

Prof Maarten van Bommel
Prof. Maarten van Bommel

Many organic compounds change under the influence of light, in particular ultraviolet (UV) light. This can be beneficial, for example in water purification, but in many other cases light induces undesirable phenomena. It results, for instance, in fading of cultural-heritage objects, affecting their esthetical value. It can also cause degradation of healthy food ingredients (e.g. vitamins), or entail the formation of toxic components.

The TooCOLD project aims at developing an innovative, high-resolution and fully orthogonal system to speed up the study the degradation of a wide range of components (including complex mixtures) under the influence of light.

Professor Maarten van Bommel, who is an academic staff member of AHM, holds positions at both the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Humanities of the UvA.