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New book by Pablo Lamberti (ASCA) published by Boom.

Through the ages, philosophy has become a profession that primarily consists in reading and writing. In ancient Greece and Rome, however, philosophy could not be reduced to words; it was always part of a certain way of life. This way of life was often inspired by warrior ideals such as courage, temperance and practical wisdom. Socrates was the first embodiment of a philosopher that embraced and integrated such ideals in everything he did. Seneca saw Socrates as the ultimate model to emulate, but also looked for inspiration in the Roman gladiator tradition to fulfil the stoic ideals.   
We see a similar pattern in Japan. Samurai were warriors in the first place, but they complemented their way of life with philosophies such as Zen Buddhism in order to find harmony. In both worlds, philosophizing meant action. 
Despite the differences between us, the ancients, and the samurai, there is still much to learn from them. Especially for those who are interested in practicing philosophy as a way of life today. After all, the cultivation of wisdom will always require courage and constant exercise. By combining the best of both worlds, this book is meant to inspire a resilient philosophy for the 21st century.