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Results: 1 - 15 of 15
  • ACCEPT PLURALISM- Tolerance, pluralism and social cohesion: responding to the challenges of the 21st century in Europe

    This European FP7 funded project investigates the meanings of tolerance in a variety of contexts with a special focus on ‘what needs to be done’ actually in Europe in order to proceed to more coherent societies, while respecting ethnic, religious ...

  • Adrift or adroit? On the sources of electoral volatility in the Netherlands, 2006-2010

    This NWO funded research project aims to fill the theoretical and empirical gaps in our knowledge on electoral volatility, employing an extensive panel data set, namely the 1Vandaag Opinion Panel since November 2006, that allows us to open the ...

  • Continuously Campaigning for Volatile Voters? How policy positions and leadership images affect citizens’ vote intentions before and during election campaigns, the Netherlands 2006-2012

    This NWO funded project aims to how policy positions and leadership images affect citizens’ vote intentions before and during election campaigns.

  • De ideologie van Sharia4Belgium online

    De overheid heeft met het Actieprogramma Integrale Aanpak Jihadisme (AIAJ) aangegeven de (hernieuwde) dreiging van het jihadisme zeer serieus te nemen. Dit onderzoeksvoorstel kan het actieprogramma aanvullen in de informatievoorziening over ...

  • ELECDEM: Training Network in Electoral Democracy

    This Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) will bring together 11 expert teams from 9 European countries to provide substantive and methodological training in elections research to a cohort of early stage and experienced researchers.

  • EURISLAM: on the incorporation of Islam in European Member States

    EURISLAM is a European Commission-funded Research program within the Seventh Framework. EURISLAM is an international comparative research project that analyses how the incorporation of Islam in European Member States is influenced by national ...

  • Feminist (un)easiness with nationalism: the influence of the Yugoslav wars on feminism in Croatia and Serbia (1991-2000)

    This NWO funded research aims to enhance our understanding of the relationship between feminism and nationalism

  • New governing parties: failure or success?

    This NWO funded research project will analyze the performance of newly governing parties and will answer the question what explains the differential success of parties that govern for the first time?

  • PIREDEU: Providing Infrastructure for Research on Electoral Democracy in the European Union

    PIREDEU is a collaborative project aimed at "Providing an Infrastructure for Research on Electoral Democracy in the European Union". funded by the European Union (FP7)

  • Politieke conflicten in vijf stelsels: de rol van burgers, media en partijen in de politisering van immigratie en Europese integratie

    Politiek gaat in essentie over conflict-issues. Dit NWO gefinancierde onderzoek vergroot ons begrip van issue-evolutie.

  • RELIGARE: Religious diversity and secular models in Europe

    The FP7 funded RELIGARE project is about religions, belonging, beliefs and secularism in Europe. It examines the legal rules protecting or limiting (constraining) the experiences of religious or other belief-based communities.

  • Resilient Democracy. Political Legitimacy and Transformations of Party Democracy

    This NWO funded project is aimed at extending theoretical and empirical knowledge of how transitions of party democracy affect political legitimacy

  • SOM: Support and Opposition to Migration

    This programme is funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme. The project looks at the politicization of migration in seven European countries.

  • The Ties that Bind: An Empirical Evaluation of the Theory of Liberal Nationalism

    The aim of this NWO funded research is to examine how people living within the boundaries of a national community think about its social contours and, more specifically, how these conceptions of national identity affect, across different ...

  • Unity in diversity: analyses of the effects of ethnicity and ethnic diversity on social capital

    In this NWO funded Veni project, researchers conduct open interviews and mixed method surveys amongst five ethnic groups in the Netherlands, and aim to formulate and test new (complementary and rivaling) theoretical expectations on the ethnicity ...