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Results: 1 - 8 of 8
  • CIT-PART: Impact of Citizen Participation on Decision Making in a Knowledge Intensive Policy Field

    Funded by the EU (FP7), Anne Loeber will undertake a theoretical approach to conduct a comparative study on the impact of PTA and TA on policy-making in 8 european countries, the European commission, the OECD and the Holy Sea.

  • Constructions of justice and legitimacy: defence and prosecution discourses before international criminal courts

    This NWO funded research, considers how notions of justice and legitimacy are constructed in the course of trial proceedings, examining the discourses of both prosecutors and high profile accused persons.

  • Data wars: new spaces of governing against terrorist finance

    The goal of this NWO funded project is to map and analyse the reconfigured spaces of governing that are emerging through the deployment of financial information in the European war on terror.

  • Knowledge programme: Civil society in closed societies

    The Knowledge Programme on Civil Society in Closed Societies aims to generate and integrate knowledge on the roles and opportunities for civic action for democracy through CSOs in closed societies.

  • Negotiating Conflicts in Urban Neighbourhoods

    This NICIS funded project is developed by the University of Amsterdam and the Delft University of Technology in cooperation with cities in the Dutch Randstad area and aims at developing the tie between conflict and context in changing urban ...

  • Power Dynamics in the new gas and green raw materials transition

    This NWO funded project focuses on the fundamental mechanism that strongly influences all energy transition processes: the interplay between strategies of entrepreneurs who strive to introduce novelty and strategies of incumbents who have strong ...

  • Theoretische duiding transitie Noord Afrika en Midden-Oosten

    Dit theoretische onderzoek, gefinancierd door WODC en het ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie, bekijkt de transitie in Noord Afrika en het Midden-Oosten van verschillende kanten.

  • Things Fall Apart: Cohesion and Fragmentation in Armed Groups

    This NWO funded project investigates the dynamics of cohesion in armed groups. It addresses both the causes and consequences of fragmentation.