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The second workshop on Micro Foundations for Macro Finance is intended as a series of structured brainstorm session, seeking the frontiers of the current methodological debate on the financial foundations of business and credit cycles.

Detail Summary
Start date 23 August 2014
End date 24 August 2014
Time 10:00

Download presentations

Presentations from the workshop can be downloaded at the links below.

Full programme: Micro Foundations for Macro Finance Alexi Savov: Shadow Banking Anil Kashyap, Dimitrios Tsomocos, Alexandros Vardoulakis: How does macroprudential regulation change bank credit supply? Heitor Almeida: Liquidity Insurance in Macro Guido Lorenzoni: House Prices and Consumption Enrico Perotti: Demand for Safety and Instability Zhiguo He: Financial Sector in Macroeconomic Models

The workshop was a series of short presentations, or rather, ‚Äúdiscussion provocations‚ÄĚ, followed and interrupted by open brainstorming. Rather than paper presentations, discussion leaders prepared short talks that synthesized general modeling issues and project possible developments. Some speakers also focused on empirical puzzles to be debated.