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Applicants from another Dutch faculty/university

1. Academic Bachelor's degree

Applicants are expected to hold an academic Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a field that ensures a level of mathematical proficiency (e.g.  Mathematics, Physics or Econometrics), particularly in the fields of calculus, linear algebra, statistics and probability.

Additionally, students are assumed to be familiar with the following topics:

  • Linear regression models;
  • Finance in economics;
  • Actuarial science, in particular risk theory and elementary life insurance.

If you want to enter the postmaster APC programme, which is required for membership of the Actuarieel Genootschap (Royal Dutch Society of Actuaries), you will need to have passed the courses in the below stated Minor Actuarial Science. Minor courses are spread over at least 2 semesters.

The following students can be admitted to the minor programme Actuarial Science:

  • Students holding a Dutch university Bachelor' or Master's degree in Econometrics must take about 30 EC of actuarial courses. These students must also have completed a course in financial and empirical mathematics.

  • Students holding a Dutch university Bachelor' or Master's degree in Mathematics and Physics must in addition  have obtained an introductory course in econometrics and courses in mathematical statistics with level and subject matter comparable to that of the book Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics by Bain and Engelhardt. 


  • Students holding other degrees than econometrics, operations research, mathematics and physics, cannot attend a minor programme. They can enroll for the minor courses through modular courses in business (Contract Onderwijs).  

Minor Actuarial Science

Contractonderwijs (in Dutch)

2. Motivation and initiative

Applicants are expected to have the intrinsic motivation to test and build upon this knowledge. Coursework is designed in keeping with this expectation and demands significant personal initiative and an active contribution on the part of the student.