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Student review

Puck Veeling

'Career events really helped me determine my interests'

Puck Veeling 

'During the second year of my Bachelor’s in Actuarial Sciences at the UvA, I learned that I would want to follow the Master’s programme as well. After having had some really interesting introductory courses in Life and Non-Life insurances, I was certain and so I applied.'

'I find the courses as well as the professors really interesting. And since we are not too many students, we all know each other quite well. The university itself is very well located, making it easy to just walk or bike to the city center during our breaks.'

'The study environment here is relaxed as well as inspiring; a lot of career events are organised, which makes it easy to meet companies and expand your network. Personally, I think these events helped me most in determining the working field I like most. Right now, I have just started my internship at KPMG, where I am writing my Master’s thesis.'

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