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Business Economics

Track: Managerial Economics & Strategy

The Managerial Economics & Strategy track teaches you how to make the right organisational and financial decisions for organisations.

Help improve economic performance

This track provides deep insights into the drivers of corporate performance. Unravel the secrets of succesful organisations. Learn how to make analytically motivated organisational decisions to improve economic performance. You’ll graduate fully prepared for a rewarding career dealing with organisational issues, combining both a quantitative and an analytical approach.

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Track specific courses

  • Managerial Economics
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Power & Authority in Organisations


  • Performance Management (practical approach to human research management
  • Competition Policy (regulatory environment in which international companies operate)

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Up-to-date issues

Examples of current newspaper headlines and relevant issues that could be discussed during lectures.

  • Ae CEO bonuses too high?
  • Should good performance always be rewarded?
  • Who should be given the responsibility for bad decisions?

Real-live case: big firms committing fraud

Car manufacturers committing fraud with environmental standards. Banks creating accounts without the client’s consent. Both scandals point out problems in the organisation.

Did managers know about these fraudulent practices? Are the scandals consequences of how these firms are organised? What role do the employee incentive schemes play?

This track will help you analyse and understand such challenging questions.

Car manufacturers committing fraud with environmental standards. Do you think managers knew about these fraudulent practices?

Career prospects

Graduates of the Master's programme in Business Economics/ Managerial Economics & Strategy track have excellent job prospects for positions as researchers and experts in:

  • Consultancy/human resource management (HRM)
  • Academic career
  • Economic policy
  • Strategic planner
  • Recent placements include: Heineken, Rabobank, PWC, ING, Dutch Central Bank (DNB)

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