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Student reviews

What do students and alumni think of our Master's in Econometrics? Why did they choose this programme and do they have useful tips?

'Don’t prepare too much for your working life. Use your time to explore and dive deep into an academic problem.'

Alumnus Dolf Noordman wanted to be an architect when he was a kid. Now he operates as a Machine Learning Engineer. The academic way of tackling a problem, something he learned during his studies, is something he still uses a lot. 'Try to understand the problem, define it, test hypotheses and build a solution.'

Gwendolyn Stuitje

'Lecturers are very motivated and helpful'

Alumna Gwendolyn Stuitje has always appreciated UvA's location and atmosphere. 'The campus is located in the heart of the city. Besides a great academic programme in Econometrics, the UvA is a liberal university that offers many ways to develop yourself in different areas.'

Bas Koolstra

'Good balance between theory and implementation'

Alumnus Bas Koolstra chose the Financial Econometrics track, because he feels finance and econometrics are an excellent combination. 'The courses have a good balance between theoretical framework and practical implementation.'