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Honours programme

The MSc Economics Honours programme (75EC) is designed for highly motivated students with excellent analytical and leadership abilities and a fundamental drive to help make the economy future-proof. If you are ambitious and ready to put in the extra work, this programme is a great challenge and a perfect chance to stand out for future employers.

Enhance your CV

For prospective employers, successful completion of the Honours programme demonstrates your higher capacity for independent learning and research and advanced problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills. Also, you will be prepared for obtaining your PhD degree if you are interested in an academic career.

How it works

On top of your option of choosing 1 out of 6 tracks, the Honours programme adds 3 courses from associated tracks to complement your choice. You take 3 additional electives in your area of interest (15EC per elective) in block 2, 3 and 4, which is needed to graduate with honours.

Participation is open to all students in the MSc Economics. You do not need to apply for this Honours programme seperately.

dr. W.E. (Ward) Romp

Programme Director MSc Economics

MSc Economics Honours programme and 6 tracks

This Honours programme is an addition to the 6 tracks in the MSc Economics.

  1. Behavioural Economics and Game Theory
  2. Development Economics
  3. International Economics and Globalisation
  4. Markets and Regulation
  5. Monetary Policy and Banking
  6. Public Policy