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Study programme

At the Amsterdam School of Economics you can expect excellent teaching from professors respected in their field of economics, research or industry. Choose your track and specialise in the field of your interest.

UvA Master's in Economics elevator pitch

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Learn to use up-to-date theories and tools

Our own internationally recognised researchers introduce you to the latest techniques and theories. They will provide you with the up-to-date tools to take with you in your first job.

Experience guest lectures from top experts

Within each track you can expect guest lectures from experts working in a wide range of economic organisations and fields. We have had representatives from the Dutch Central Bank, the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis and the World Bank.

Education in the 1st semester of 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 academic year will start as scheduled in September.

Interactive teaching

At the UvA you will enjoy mastering knowledge at the highest level through our blended learning teaching method. We offer both offline and online education such as Web and Tablet Assisted Video Lecture. This frees up class time for interaction with the lecturer and peers.

Assignments can be in traditional form such as a paper or a Powerpoint but also a video recording or a peer-feedback assignment.

The UvA Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching continuously works on improving our teaching methods with regards to interactions between students, teachers and learning resources.

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MSc Economics was a great preparation for my current job, where policymaking and economic analysis are combined. A wide range of those policy questions were discussed in the classroom at the UvA. Jesper Hanson

The programme

  • Choose your electives

    Depending on the track of your choice, you can also make a selection from a list of electives:

    • Economic Growth
    • Empirical Market Analysis
    • Financial Institutions and Banking
    • Financial Regulation
    • Globalisation, Growth and Development
    • Human Development
    • Public Finance and Fiscal Policy
  • Macroeconomics

    In this course you will learn about modern macroeconomic models. You will learn how to use these models to to explain and evaluate recent events and policy interventions. For example the effect of uncertainty on savings, welfare and investment, the causes and nature of unemployment and inflation and the role of monetary and fiscal authorities. 

  • Microeconomics and Game Theory

    In this course you will learn to understand the workings and limitations of the market. You will learn how to analyse consumer and producer behaviour and use basic game theory. The central question is: what can markets do and when do they fail? What determines the outcome, and how does that depend on market structure?

  • Applied Econometrics

    In this course you will learn about regression analysis. In applied economics this is a powerful tool to analyse empirical relationships. You will learn how to interpret estimation and testing results and build a satisfactory empirical model. You will follow lectures and take part in lab sessions to acquire practical econometric skills by making computer excersises.

  • Thesis

    The Master’s thesis is the final requirement for your graduation. It is your chance to dive deep into an economics topic that you are enthusiastic about. You present your research and findings in your thesis. A professor in your business economics field of choice (track) will supervise and support you in writing your thesis.

MSc Economics, International Economics & Globalisation

'It teaches you both hard and soft skills'

Alumna Anouk Roethof: 'I chose the UvA because it is the only university in the Netherlands with an MSc in Economics that perfectly blends my 2 passions: economics and policy analysis. It's a challenging programme, teaching you both hard and soft skills.'
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