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Student review

'I use the economic theory from my studies in practice'

Anna den Boer - Markets and Regulation track

'I have been working at Oxera, an economics consultancy, for three years now. I’m working as a competition economist which is very much in line with my studies (Economics, track Markets and Regulation) as I use economic and econometric tools to assess companies’ behaviour and position in markets.'

Anna den Boer, MSc Economics/Markets and Regulation track at Amsterdam School of Economics, UvA.

'For example, we can be involved in cases when the European Commission fines a company such as Google for abusing its dominant position. I also analyse whether there will still be enough competition in the market after a merger, or I estimate the damage to customers after a group of companies made price agreements.'

'There are several things I really like about my job such as the fact that I use the economic theory from my studies in practice. Furthermore, it is very international. I have worked in Oxford for 2 years and in Brussels for about 1.5 years, and have only very recently moved back to Amsterdam because we have opened an office here. We work for clients across Europe and the world, which allows us to travel. Also, as all our offices are considered to be one company, I work with many of my colleagues from all offices.'

'In 5 years I probably still want to be an competition economist. As there are only few companies that specialise in competition economics and I really like Oxera, I can see myself still being here in 5 years. There is still much to learn in terms of economics and consultancy skills.'