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Student review

Laura Schreiber, MSc Economics/International Economics and Globalisation track, Amsterdam Business School, UvA

'Fellow students are very open and internationally-oriented'

Laura Schreiber - International Economics and Globalisation track

'Although our field of study might seem competitive, the atmosphere has always been cooperative and friendly. Building a wide network of interesting people to work, study and enjoy myself with, has been really easy.'

'Academic staff is very approachable and helpful; critical comments and doubts are always welcome. Also they take sufficient time to properly attend to individual questions and problems.'

'I fell in love with the cultural and historic beauty of Amsterdam. Everyone speaks English and the overall atmosphere is cosmopolitan. Since my arrival I haven’t been bored for one second.'

'Next to my studies I am part of the MSc Economics focus group and enjoy taking some dance and yoga classes at the university sports centre.'

'After graduation I will probably do an internship abroad. And I could definitely imagine continuing my career here in Amsterdam since many attractive employers are located here.'