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Student reviews

What do students and alumni think of our Master's in Economics? Why did they choose this programme and do they have useful tips?

MSc Economics, International Economics & Globalisation

'It teaches you both hard and soft skills'

Anouk Roethof chose the UvA because it is the only university in the Netherlands with an MSc in Economics that perfectly blends her 2 passions: economics and policy analysis. 'It's a challenging programme, teaching you both hard and soft skills.'

Laura Schreiber, MSc Economics/ International Economics & Globalisation,  Amsterdam Business School, UvA

'The programme is definitely a good challenge'

Laura Schreiber feels the programme is definately a good challenge. 'Fellow students are very open and internationally-oriented. Although our field of study might seem competitive, the atmosphere has always been cooperative and friendly.'

Anna den Boer, MSc Economics/Markets and Regulation at Amsterdam Business School, UvA.

'I like that I use the economic theory from my studies in practice'

Alumna Anna den Boer is pleased she found a job which is very much in line with her studies in the Economics track Markets and Regulation. She now works at Oxera, an economics consultancy. 'I really like the fact that I use the economic theory from my studies in practice.'

'The public sector is a very stimulating place to work'

Alumnus Jesper Hanson feels that the MSc Economics was a great preparation for his current job, where policymaking and economic analysis are combined. 'A wide range of those policy questions were discussed in the classroom at the UvA.'

'Thinking about problems in a structured, analytical way can be tremendously useful when running a company'

Alumnus Mark Walschot has some great advice for students at the start of their career: '"Don't panic!" And: "You won’t actually learn anything unless you just do something." It teaches you about what you want and like at this point in your life. And you can still think about what you want to do with your Big Future in the meantime.'