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Tinbergen Institute MPhil in Economics (Research Master)

Study programme

Tinbergen Institute MPhil in Economics

Programme outline

The MPhil in Economics is a two-year programme that yields 120 ECTS. The first year is devoted almost entirely to core courses and the development of skills. The core courses are designed to give students an in-depth introduction to economics. In the second year, students specialise in one field, with courses focusing on specific topics in that field, while also outlining and writing their thesis. The curriculum consists of:

  • core courses (54 ECTS),
  • specialised courses (36 ECTS),
  • thesis (30 ECTS).

Core Courses

The core courses are: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Mathematics and Statistics, and Econometrics. TI offers tracks in economics, econometrics and finance. All courses are given by research fellows and teaching associates of the Tinbergen Institute and consist of general lectures and separate training sessions focusing on problem solving. The training sessions prepare students for the examination and afford them opportunities to apply their skills in practice. Discussion and cooperation between students is stimulated. Each course period (7 weeks) culminates in a written examination.


At the start of the second year, each student selects a research fellow as thesis supervisor based on specialisation and preference. The thesis must conform to the highest academic standards and after further polishing be worthy of publication in an international peer-reviewed journal. The MPhil thesis usually forms the basis for a chapter of the subsequent PhD thesis. Following completion of the Master's programme, most graduates continue in a PhD programme at one of the three faculties. Due to financial constraints and for distributional reasons, TI cannot guarantee a PhD position for all students.

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