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Pre-Master's programme and online courses

Research Master's Communication Science

If you are conditionally admitted, that means you have to complete a pre-Master's programme or online course prior to your Research Master’s. On this page you will find the different options for remedy coursework.

Please keep in mind that it is not possible to apply for the pre-Master’s programme or online courses independently. You apply for the (Research) Master’s programme first and subsequently the admissions board will decide whether you will need to take some extra coursework prior to the (Research) Master’s programme. You can check the entry requirements on the application and admission page  to get an indication of the possible outcome.

Pre-Master's programme

The pre-Master's programme includes a maximum of 30 ECTS and takes one semester to complete. An academic year at University of Amsterdam is divided in two semesters: semester I (Sept-Jan) and semester II (Feb-Aug). After completion of your pre-Master's programme, the earliest official start of the Master’s programme is the next semester.

You may be required to complete one, two, three or all four of the following courses of the pre-Master's programme:



Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Milestones in Communication Science (12 EC)

Research Practice Seminar (6 EC)

Introduction to Research Methodology (12 EC)

Mastering your Master's (for international students)

Online course: Milestones in Communication Science 

When you have a broad background in these areas, but you do not yet meet all our admission requirements you may be given the option to complete an intensive online introductory course. The online course is an intensive 2 or 3-week introduction course in the area of Communication Science and can be followed at home. The exam will take place in Amsterdam. The online course will take place in the month prior to the intended start of the Master’s programme (August or January).