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Work-experience period

As a Dual Master's programme, the Master's in Heritage and Memory Studies offers a unique combination of practical experience, specialist knowledge and theoretical reflection, all of which come together in the extensive work-experience period.

Scope of the internship

As an intern in a heritage organisation you can be asked with investigating the musealisation of the landscape, reporting on how to increase community engagement in heritage protection, assisting in shaping governmental or non-governmental (international) heritage policy, or researching the cultural-historic contexts of objects or sites. Your tasks could include those of editor, event organiser, product developer or policy adviser.

How it works

As a student, you yourself are responsible for the content of your work-experience period. You can use this opportunity to build up your own network in your future professional field. Nevertheless, the programme coordinator will help you find an internship.

Be aware that some internships in the Netherlands require basic proficiency in the Dutch language. As such, you may also seek an English-language internship abroad. Also bear in mind that some internships might not be (adequately) paid.

Additional internship allowance

Students taking a dual Master's programme may be eligible for an additional internship allowance.