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Career prospects

The Master's programme Classics and Ancient Civilizations prepares you for a broad range of career opportunities.

The job market

Students graduating with a Master’s degree in Classics and Ancient Civilizations can be employed in positions requiring in-depth knowledge of this area. They also find their way into other jobs requiring a range of academic skills. Examples of sectors in which students who have followed this programme have found positions include:

  • Teaching and academia
  • Commercial ancient research
  • Arts management
  • The broad cultural sector including:
    • Museums
    • Archives
    • Journalism
    • Publishing
    • Cultural tourism

An academic career

Graduates can also continue in academia and pursue a PhD programme at the VU or the UvA, another Dutch university or a university abroad. If you wish to pursue an academic career, it is advisable to discuss the possibility of joining a two-year Research Master's programme.

With the specialisation Classics you will be well-equipped to follow the Educational MA profile Classics (the required 42 ECTS is guaranteed in the programme). Click here for more information.

With the specialisation Ancient Studies you can also be admitted to the Educational MA profile History (the required 30 ECTS is guaranteed in the programme). Click here for more information (in Dutch).

Teacher training programme

Would you like to learn how to be a teacher? Dutch-speaking students who have already completed a Master's programme can register for this one-year programme at the Interfaculty Teacher Training Programmes (Interfacultaire Lerarenopleidingen, ILO).

Dutch-speaking students who completed a minor in Education during their Bachelor's programme are eligible for exemptions from some components of the teacher-training programme. For more information on this programme, visit the website of the Interfaculty Teacher Training Programmes (in Dutch).