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A university language study leads to more than just one specific career. As a graduate of Classics you can be employed in positions within your area of expertise, as well as other positions which require a critical, independent and inquisitive mindset. Alumni have found employment as:

  • Teachers and translators
  • Public relations officers
  • Policy officers
  • Information officers

Possible employers include:

  • Secundary schools
  • Libraries and publishing houses
  • Media
  • Corporate entities

About two out of every three graduates of the Master's in Classics find employment in secondary education. If you’re indeed planning to become a teacher (see below), you should enrol for the one year teaching qualification after completion of your Master's programme.

Teacher training programme

Would you like to learn how to teach? Dutch-speaking students who have already completed a Master's programme can register for this one-year programme at the Interfaculty Teacher Training Programmes (Interfacultaire Lerarenopleidingen, ILO).

Dutch-speaking students who completed a minor in Education during their Bachelor's programme are eligible for exemptions from some components of the teacher-training programme. For more information on this programme, visit the website of the Interfaculty Teacher Training Programmes (below).

Interfacultaire Lerarenopleidingen (in Dutch)