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'The Master's in Landscape and Heritage is wide-ranging and touches on various disciplines, such as language, ancient history, philosophy and heritage.'

Julia van der Krieke

Educational background

I graduated with a BA in Archaeology and Prehistory from the University of Amsterdam in 2012. As part of my studies I also did a minor in Jewish Studies, for which I did an exchange in Krakow, Poland. It was this minor which eventually interested me in the subject of heritage.

Why Landscape and Heritage?

Considering my Bachelor’s programme and general interest in heritage, the Master’s in Landscape and Heritage was a logical choice. I really wanted to do a programme which incorporated history, art history and archaeology, which is why I chose this Master’s programme. The programme itself is wide-ranging and touches on various disciplines, such as language, ancient history, philosophy and heritage. 

Has the programme met your expectations?

Yes it has, although the programme’s focus on landscape archaeology is stronger than I expected. The programme transcends geographical boundaries and deals with archaeology and heritage in different societies. As mentioned, I have a strong interest in heritage, which this programme devotes ample attention to. Some of the questions we deal with include: what is heritage, what does heritage entail and how is it preserved for later generations? And more importantly: what does heritage mean for future generations?  

What I enjoy about the programme is the freedom it gives one to focus on various aspects of heritage, as well as the fact that it deals with heritage from different time periods, including – more recently – the First and Second World Wars, and the 1960s. This enabled me to specialise in one area of heritage which greatly fascinates me: Jewish heritage in Amsterdam.   

Any other projects / extracurricular activities

When I’m not studying, I enjoy being creative (drawing, listening to music, etc.), socialising with my friends and traveling. My hobbies and interests generally fit well with the content of my Master’s programme.

What do you think about the UvA / Amsterdam?

Well, as a native of Amsterdam it’s difficult for me to give an objective opinion, especially since I love  the city. Amsterdam has something for everyone: beautiful architecture, arts and culture, museums, a vibrant nightlife and a diverse population.   

As for the UvA, I really like the university and appreciate its informal character. The lecturers are friendly, easily accessible, and the overall academic quality is very high. 

Plans after graduating? 

Although I am currently still thinking about possible careers, I would definitely like to work within the cultural sector, e.g. museums, festivals and exhibitions.   

Tips for new students?  

Looking back at my own time at the UvA, I would advise new students to start early with thinking about what they would like to study. If you are really interested in something and feel passionate about it, then go ahead and do it! Prepare yourself beforehand by speaking to students and lecturers, attending a lecture and reading more about the subject material. All of this will really help you orientate yourself!