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Study programme

PLEASE NOTE: The Research Master's Argumentation, Rhetoric and Communication is currently being integrated with the Research Master's Linguistics and Communication. Students with an interest in this field are recommended to apply for the programme Linguistics and Communication.


The programme aims to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and the practical instruments to give an analysis of the characteristic argumentative, rhetorical-strategic and stylistic properties of texts from various domains, while offering you insight into the main theories and methods available for analysing and evaluating the functionality, effectiveness and reasonableness of communication.

Programme structure

The Research Master's programme Argumentation, Rhetoric and Communication comprises 120 ECTS credits:

  • 90 ECTS for core courses, electives, tutorials and research internship
  • 30 ECTS for a Master's thesis

Core courses

The programme comprises three core courses:

Theories of discourse and argumentation

This course provides an overview of the most prominent approaches to discourse and argumentation. The course offers a historical review of the key developments in the field of discourse analysis and argumentation theory, as well as an introduction to the main present-day theories and approaches.

Methods of argumentation and discourse research

The second core course aim to familiarise you with the methods and techniques of quantitative and qualitative empirical research in discourse and argumentation studies.

Current research in discourse and argumentation

The third courses focuses on trending topics in current research on discourse and argumentation. You will participate in ongoing research by developing and carrying out a small research project related to the course topic.


In your first year, you can use your elective space (24 ECT) to follow Master's courses from other programmes in the Faculty of Humanities or in other Faculties. You may also do a (research) internship for a maximum of 6 ECT. In the second year, you have the chance to enrol in a number of tutorials offered by the researchers of the ARGA research group.


During the research internship (12 ECT), a proposal for a research project is formulated (including a critical literature overview, research questions, methods and approach) and carried out. The results of this research are presented and discussed both orally and in writing in the final Master’s Thesis. The internship concludes with the writing of a PhD proposal.


All researchers of the ARGA research group offer one or more 6 ECT tutorials on topics related to their own specialisation. Second year students can choose one or more of these tutorials. The maximum number of participants for a tutorial is four.


A key component of the programme, the Argumentation, Rhetoric and Communication Master’s thesis enables you to write an original work of research under the supervision of one of the staff members. The subject of the thesis must be mutually agreed upon by the student and the thesis supervisor.

Detailed course information

For detailed course information, please see:

UvA Course Catalogue: Argumentation, Rhetoric and Communication