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Research Master
Heritage, Memory and Archaeology (Archaeology)

After graduation

The Job Market

The Research Master's in Heritage, Memory and Archaeology places a strong emphasis on employability. You will acquire a range of transferable skills and be actively engaging with experts in the field of heritage and archaeology that will enable you to pursue a career in archaeology and the wider heritage sector.

This will include careers in national and international organisations such as UNESCO and ICOMOS, museums, national parks, historic site management, local government, marketing and public relations, the civil service, law, and police authorities. The archaeology specialisation leads to a recognised qualification providing access to the global fields of commercial archaeology and archaeological resource management.

An Academic Career

This programme offers a solid preparation for a career as an academic researcher and an excellent position from which to successfully apply for a PhD position at any world-class research university. Whether you choose to continue your research in the fields of heritage, memory studies, or archaeology and material culture studies, you can rest assured that this RMA will provide you with all the in depth knowledge and a unique skill set to help you to achieve your ambitions.